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Areas of Teaching Competence: Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mathematics, Applied Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, History of Western Philosophy, Continental Philosophy

Courses Taught

Graduate Level

MLitt Module on Conceptual Engineering (S-2019)

MLitt Module on Philosophy of Logic (S-2017, S-2018)

Graduate Seminar on Non-Factualism (with Robert Kraut) (F-2015)

Graduate Seminar on David Lewis (Sp-2015)

Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Russell’s The History of Western Philosophy (Sp-2014).

Graduate Seminar on Metametaphysics and Fundamentality (Sp-2013).

Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Analyticity (Sp-2012).

Graduate Seminar on Methodological Naturalism (Sp-2011).

Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on ‘Grue’, ‘Gavagai’, and ‘Quus’ (W-2010).

Graduate Seminar on Truth (Sp-2009).

Graduate/Undergraduate Seminar on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit (Sp-2008).

Graduate Seminar on Rationality, Interpretation, and Measurement (Sp-2007).


Undergraduate Level

Honours Module on Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy (S-2021)

Honours Module on Philosophy of Logic (S-2019)

Honours Module on Advanced Logic (S-2018, S-2020)

Subhonors Module on Logic (S-2017, S-2019, S-2020, S-2021)

Honors Module on Conceptual Engineering (F-2016, F-2018, F-2020)

Science and Religion (F-2013, F-2014)

Introduction to Ethics (W-2006 through W-2012, Sp-2013 through Sp-2015).

Minds and Machines (F-2006).

Introduction to Logic (Su-2002, Su-2003, Sp-2006, Sp-2008, Sp-2009, Sp-2011, Sp-2012).

Introduction to Philosophy (Su-2000, F-2005, F-2008, F-2009, F-2010, F-2011, F-2013, F-2014).

Epistemology (F-2004, F-2005).

Social and Political Philosophy (Su-2001).

Informal Logic (Su-2000, Su-2001).


Independent Studies

Rule Following Paradox (Sp-2011, F-2012).

Inferentialism (W-2011).

Theories of Truth (W-2011, Sp-2011).

Computational Theory of Mind (W-2009).

Nietzsche (W-2008).

Heidegger, Sartre, and Foucault on Agency (Su-2007).

Rationality and Meaning (Sp-2007).

Rigid Designation (Sp-2006).

Consciousness (W-2006).


Community Courses

The History of Ethics and Morals – OSU Learning Enrichment Institute (S-2016).

Science and Religion – OSU Learning Enrichment Institute (F-2014).


PhD Supervision

8 Complete



Masters Supervision

 6 complete



General Examination Committees

18 complete


Undergraduate Supervision

 5 complete






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